DOOH Operators

Mobile revenue coming your way

Our go-to-mobile market strategy brings you new revenue from mobile buyers.

Did you know that about 20% of mobile impressions go undelivered because geofencing is too tight or targeting parameters are too restrictive?

Our cross-screen ad server can seamlessly move those impressions to DOOH billboard inventory. Mobile buyers understand and love the ability to serve ads in realtime to digital billboards based on device location history, a language already familiar to them.

Location is truly the super-cookie.

DPb Operators

Get Online Video Revenue as a Service

Digital place-based (DPb) media owners: we know your product is video.

And we all know online video and mobile video advertising is booming. So why isn’t your video inventory being bought by online video buyers?

We can help. Use our supply-side platform to create video deals with premium reserved inventory at a fixed CPM and our openRTB enabled ad exchange will get that deal to appear in a private marketplace in online video DSPs used by some of the world’s largest video trading desks.

Become a “VAST compliant” DPb network and plug into online video revenue.

DOOH & DPb Operators

Your own private marketplace

White-label our self-serve DSP and open a cross-screen, programmatic shopping store.  

Use our supply-side platform to package up your inventory with pre-defined audience delivery and CPMs, and make these packages available for purchase on your own, company-branded marketplace. And you can include mobile impressions as part of your DOOH/DPb packages that triggers mobile ad serving.

Our private marketplace platform will integrate with your DOOH/DPb content management system and signage players so that content is delivered from the marketplace to your screens.

Open up your premium inventory to select cross-screen buyers.