The AYUDA[x] Platform

Full stack, cross-screen automation.

Born out of automation technology.

AYUDA[x] was created by the same team that created Ayuda Media Systems.

We’ve been working for 13 years on bringing automation the OOH sell-side via our ERP, and now we’re at it again, bringing data science, mobile and programmatic technologies to OOH.

Massive Geotemporal Data


We’ve partnered with various data companies in order to understand how a custom audience moves around throughout the day.

Some of these companies are aggregators of anonymous signaling data from cellular networks that process over 15 billion geotemporal signals each day derived from 100 million devices.

We look back historically into this massive dataset to understand what devices were observed in geofenced places of interest, and then understand the temporal device concentration of those devices at DOOH locations.

These temporal device concentrations help us “score” DOOH locations hourly, which we affectionally call Nirvana scores.

Animated Heatmaps

Visualize custom audiences.

Our animated heatmaps help visualize how Nirvana scores of DOOH locations evolve over time.

We animate the Nirvana scores on a heatmap to simulate how our ad server will decide what screens to activate based on the device concentration of a custom audience at different times of the day at DOOH locations.

Our ad server will try to play content on DOOH panels that have high Nirvana scores which can be visualized as “hot red” in the heatmap.

DOOH ad server


Our platform’s unique value proposition lies in our cross-screen ad serving algorithms.

Our ad server can ingest multiple campaign objectives - geofences, cellular & mobile exchange data, impression goals, pacing, frequency caps, and a list of DOOH locations with hourly Nirvana scores.

It uses a nonlinear solver to figure out what the optimal DOOH playout should be to deliver against the impression objectives based on custom audience device concentration.

Our ad server makes these decisions in realtime while campaigns are running.

SSP for DOOH Operators

Integrate with our ad exchange.

DOOH media operators use our supply-side platform (SSP) to connect DOOH inventory to our ad exchange.

Usually, the operators reserve a spot in their loop that queries our ad exchange APIs to see if it wants to play content. All candidate creative is pre-pushed to the DOOH operator’s CMS and player using forward and store techniques in case players are bandwidth-challenged.

Our SSP is also used to specify desired CPMs, and whether the inventory is to be sold as part of a private deal in an automated guaranteed marketplace or an unreserved fixed rate marketplace.

The AYUDA[x] Exchange

Connects DOOH inventory to digital buyers.

Our ad exchange supports standard iAB protocols such as OpenRTB, thus enabling the buying of pre-negotiated deals using deal ids and private marketplaces in digital DSPs commonly used by global trading desks.

Mobile and DOOH DSP

Cross-screen buying of mobile and DOOH.


Our DSP lets digital buyers transact DOOH reserved inventory from a private marketplace and buy mobile impressions from third party mobile DSPs using their APIs.

It lets digital buyers buy DOOH using language such as TAB OOH Ratings and Nielsen Fourth Screen and buys trigger insertion orders into the media owners CMS and players.

Coming soon: We are working on extending our self-serve DSP to employ openRTB to bid on CPMs for device lat/longs, and device IDs (IDFA and Android ID) directly from the mobile exchanges.