Platform Privacy Policy

This policy explains how Ayuda[x] Inc., as well as its affiliated and related companies (“Ayuda[x]”, “we” or related possessive pronouns) use, share and otherwise treat information for the purpose of its location-based marketing services, described in more detail on this website, including our Home page as well as our Platform page.

Ayuda[x] takes your privacy seriously. We work diligently to ensure that our practices meet or exceed legal and industry standard compliance including transparency regarding our use and treatment of data.

What Ayuda[x] does not do:

  • Ayuda[x] does not collect or receive any personally identifiable information.
  • Ayuda[x] does not track individuals.

What Ayuda[x] does:

  • Ayuda[x] obtains anonymous signaling data from mobile devices.
  • We look back historically into this massive dataset to understand what devices were observed in geofenced places of interest, and then understand the temporal device concentration of those devices at digital out-of-home (“DOOH”) locations.
  • These temporal device concentrations help us “score” DOOH locations hourly.
  • All data received and used by Ayuda[x] is entirely anonymous. Ayuda[x] does not accept any personally identifiable information from its third party providers.
  • We require that all third party providers abide by strict privacy compliance industry standards. In fact, Ayuda[x] does not use data which, when combined with other data, may lead to the identification of individuals.
  • We use these device concentration scores to deliver ads to DOOH screens through our related companies.
  • While Ayuda[x] does not deliver ads to your mobile, we help those who do by facilitating a more relevant brand engagement experience.
  • Please always be sure to review mobile website and application privacy policies for information about their data collection and use practices. Industry standards require that opt-in and opt-out provisions be made available to you.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Ayuda[x]’s Chief Privacy Officer at:

321 Rue de la Commune W #200, Montreal, QC Canada H2Y 2E1
Tel : +1 866-552-9924
Email :

Attention: Chief Privacy Officer